08 September 2008

Tetanus Booster

Today is sort of a dud. It has been pouring. Buckets. I was supposed to take a new postdoc to lunch today, as part of the welcoming committee, in the rain... to the not so tasty cafeteria. Well, since we had no internet at work all day, I didn't get the memo that the guy was not going to make it. Oh well, at least they had mac and cheese on special today- yum! I finally got internet in just enough time to head on over to the medical department to get my tetanus booster. Did you know you were supposed to get one every 10 years? I didn't. I only thought of it since I was poking around the net to see what sort of things I should do before getting a tattoo and the up to date tetanus booster was one of them. Luckily they give them out free at work. I actually have to say that was a highlight of my day. Super long needle, but skinny so you barely felt it. That or the lady giving it was super good.

So I am going to head home soon. Maybe tomorrow will be less random- though the random days tend to be the most memorable.


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