02 September 2008

My Sister

My sister is the best woman in the world. She is strong, independent, smart, caring, supportive, and an all around good soul. I tried to convey how much I love her in my maid of honor speech and I think she got it. She got married on Saturday to a great guy. I think she will do well by him. So I have a bunch of officially new family members. (I thought of them as family before, but I guess now we are legally family).
I had so much fun at the wedding. I have known all of her bridesmaids for years and years. They are all warm and friendly people. It was really sad to leave my hometown, because the wedding reminded me how much I miss everybody. I am happy with where I live and my new life, but I miss the family and the girls. I guess that is what growing up is all about though. At least I know that these people will always be in my heart. So, a toast to the bride, a toast to the groom, some cake for the family, and a dance floor for friends. I am blessed to count all of y'all as my own.


miss luscious luka said...

Aww, what sweet sentiments. But we would miss if you if you left. SO DON'T GO! I KNOW EUROPE IS FUN BUT STAY!!!!!

See, don't you feel better?

Rachel said...

I love the blog! It was great seeing you this past weekend! Hopefully you can make it to Dallas next September for Jesse and I's wedding!

Jacklyn said...


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