04 May 2007

Not all who wander are lost

I would like to begin by highlighting the artistic talent of Brian Froud, whose work is shown here-- my favorite picture. I have had this as my desktop background since 1995. Every time I get a new computer I think, maybe, I will put a new picture in the background, but it always comes back to the faerie. The wings have an ethereal presence, but I am mostly intrigued by the hands- the hands that are a bit to large for the small body. There is a quiet quality to the work, but strength in the bone structure of the wings. I spent a good time this evening trying to figure out how to incorporate this image into the blog without messing with copyright issues or having to code too much (I do enough of that at work). In all of my wandering through blogger templates I decided that giving homage was enough.


Miss Luscious Luka said...

Nice template choice! This was the template I used when my blog was on Blogger. :)

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