08 May 2007


The baby kimono (from Mason Dixon Knitting) is nearing completion- probably and inch or two still remain on the right side. It seems that my measuring was off on the left a bit, since the bottoms don't line up too well. I have to decide whether or not to take out the bind off and add a few more rows, or to know that that is the piece that goes on the inside and let it be. This will be a gift for my friend Pam who is expecting in June. I hope the kid does not come early! I managed to get a good bit of it done today being hopped up on pain meds and muscle relaxants and therefore unable to go to work. I wish I could attribute the measuring error to being on flexerol all day, but alas, that mistake was made on Saturday in the car. Hopefully my neck will be all better by this weekend: I am being visited by Jenni, my friend from high school and I have to be in tip top shape to show her around Chitown.


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