08 October 2009


I had gotten a job as a tutor for math and science when we got to San Francisco. Alas, I have yet to have any students. So, in an effort to use my skills for more things than cooking and knitting, I am trying to do some volunteer work. The first museum I applied to was all full up due to summer students. Luckily some further poking on the web landed me at a website for another science museum- pretty cool. I have submitted my application and hopefully they can find a spot for me. I am more hopeful this time; the coordinator already got back to me and said she was looking for a spot for me. Yay. I think working full time in a museum would be great, so this could be one baby step towards that goal.

07 October 2009

I know I promised...

A post about our trip westward. However, we seem to have misplaced the cord that connects the computer to the camera, so all of my photos are held hostage. I kept thinking that I would get the pics off of the Captain's computer (since he can read the memory card), but well... we can all see how well that plan has worked so far. Suffice to say that I am just going to opt for text in lieu of pictures for a while (with the exception of the random crappy cell phone footage). So far Cali has been good. We got to see a few old friends, Shakespeare in the Park, and went to a dinner theatre. I love old vaudeville style shows, especially when you get to eat good food while watching. This weekend we plan to head on over to Yosemite state park with the Captain's sister who is flying in for the occasion.

Last night we had our first dinner party here. This was comical, but quite successful. Comical in the sense that we are renting a furnished apartment from someone who does not cook, so making moussaka and baklava was like being on Survivor: kitchen. I think I am probably becoming a better chef because of the improvising I am having to do because of the lack of my 'usual' pots and utensils. I had never make baklava before (ok, I bought the phyllo pre-made), but it was a rousing success. They ate it all. Like way more dessert than I thought a person could put down in one sitting.

I am enjoying taking some time off. I am looking for jobs in Geneva, but mostly focusing on playing my guitar (which I stink at) and finishing up some knitting projects that have been in stall mode for quite some time. I purposefully brought only these projects to Cali so that I would have to finish them up before I start on the kagillion other things I want to knit.
First is my Sheherazade stole. It is officially half way done. I really like this project, but working the combination of mohair and really really thin yarn means that I can only work on this for so long in one sitting. I am going to try and finish up one more present for another pregger friend before I take out my provisional cast on and start knitting the other side.

The Babette blanket is also 50% done. It is a small lap blanket (just for curling under on the couch), so it seems like not too much work. All the color changes, seaming, and weaving in ends makes this quite the task though. I only have 2 out of the 10 sections left to crochet, but these are the biggest sections and therefore in terms of area I am just past the half way mark. I am starting to worry that I am going to run out of yarn, but I shall blissfully keep going and decide what to do about that later.

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