20 November 2009

Hot Thermos, repaired laptop

They are seriously not kidding when they say that a thermos stainless steel vacuum container will keep your tea hot. I put some hot tea in my new fashion mug at 1pm today. I just poured myself some more tea (4:30 pm) and it is too hot to drink. Which is good because I needed some tea after my iBook crashed for the second time in 2 days. My Mac never crashes, that is why I bought a Mac in the first place. It looks like some permissions were wrong. This has now been fixed and I hope it starts behaving better. Not too shabby for a laptop that is over the hill at 6 years old.

In knitting news... I have no photos yet, but you can find in progress shots on ravelry: frenchkitten is my ID. The Manon cardigan is done and looks pretty great if I do say so myself. The second baby book is blocking and I am transitioning to working on socks and my never finished Babette blanket full time. There are 2 more months until I leave for Geneva and I promised myself I would put a concerted effort towards all the projects languishing on my needles. So far so good.


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