10 September 2009

The trek westward

We are now comfortably located in our new sublet in Pacific Heights (San Francisco). It was quite the journey getting here- a journey I intend to take you (dear reader) on in the coming posts. Before we had a chance to go to the wedding, before the movers came, before even my last day of work we were in a car accident. We are all ok, which is quite surprising considering we thought we were going to die. No really... they did a Mythbusters episode on this- I think it was episode 80- totally crazy.
So we were driving home at about 9pm one night before our big weekend (I think it was Wednesday) and were coming up to our left exit off the highway for Oak Park. All of a sudden we see a big Semi truck wheel fly through the air from the other side of the highway towards us. Since it was so dark it took a while to register what it was. And no, not just the little flimsy rubber tire part, but the rims and all were hurtling towards us at about 60 mph. Luckily the Captain slammed on the breaks- we were probably only doing 20mph by the time the wheel bounced on the road in front of us, skidded across our hood, smashed in the windshield, bounced off the roof, and headed for its final resting place of I have no idea where. The car behind us had just enough time to pass us on the shoulder before the shoulder ran out. We were still moving; we had not had time to come to a stop yet. By this time we are basically on the exit ramp.

The Captain had about 4 inches of windshield to see out of at the bottom left, so we threw the hazards on and made our way the last mile home. There really was no good place to pull over and hardly any traffic, so it seemed sensible at the time. There was glass everywhere. You can't see this from the front view, but the windshield in caved in towards the cabin a good 6 inches in the middle. All I could think of as I was crouching down with my hands on my head bracing for impact was 'I saw a Mythbusters about this. I guess we are going to die now.' Surprisingly there was no life flashing in front of my eyes, no stress, just the fact of death. Strange that. Anyways, we are not dead, but fine in Northern California. Geico was super nice and helpful and got us a rental car by the next morning. They fixed up the car good as new with no hassle on our end. Way to go Geico.

I have to say that having to drive cross country just a few days later was a bit much. Luckily I-80 has little to no cars on it most of the time, but it was a stressful week. I am happy to report that now we are in San Francisco I have not had to drive since Saturday and I love it. I wish I could say the same for the Captain. He still has to drive to work everyday, but he seems to be holding up better than I am anyways, which is ironic since he was the one driving! Peace and love to everyone and new days ahead.


Nautical Knitter said...

Wow! So glad you guys are alright. That looks like it was very scary!

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