11 February 2009

Bahamas, bikes, and chicken feet

In 25 days the Captain and I will be jetting off to the Bahamas for my 30th birthday (belated). I can't wait. I could really use some beach weather after the months of freezing Chicago weather. This weekend I am going to get a new summer haircut and hopefully some new bathing togs. I want to see if I can find some vintage or vintage like duds. Something Bettie Page would have worn.
It was a bit warmer here the past few days than it has been. I was hoping to start training for the 25 mile bike ride we are going on this summer. I have new bike shoes (courtesy of the Captain) that I need to learn how to use. 17 miles is my longest ride ever, so I have to add quite a bit to that. I have a new saddle which should help. I also got some panniers from the folks that I need to try out. Maybe a trip to the farmer's market is in store.
As to the chicken feet. We went to dim sum on Sunday with a bunch of friends. Dim Sum is quite and experience in and of itself. Luckily we had a girl with us who spoke the correct language. I have no idea what we would have done without her. We got one order of chicken feet just to try. They were not bad... The sauce was very nice and the flavor was good. The feet are squishy- not crispy or tough like I had imagined. The biggest annoyance was the number of little tiny bones. I felt like it took me 10 minutes to get all of the bones out of my mouth. So, I wouldn't order them again, but if I was served them at a dinner for some reason I would probably eat them. It doesn't hurt to try it once.


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