03 November 2008

The Bachelor

When left to my own devices I turn into a bachelor. Not socially, but in terms of cuisine. I am home sick from work. I am mostly lying on the couch watching bad tv and sleeping. I wake up to mainline tea and alka seltzer cold. Now I have been told by the Captain that I am not allowed to not eat when I am sick. I have maintained the HFCS challenge through the haze, thankfully. So far today I have eaten:

3 wasa crackers with plain cream cheese

a persimmon

a cup of tomato soup

a can of ranch style beans with a slice of cheese on it

Not at all the lovely meal I would normally fix for the Captain and I. At least I have been trained to keep more than vodka and mustard in the fridge.


Rach said...

What is a persimmon? Are you feeling better?

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