09 March 2008

Tree Jacket Complete

The tree jacket is busy blocking itself on the table. I am either going to like this sweater or throw it heavily and with a vengeance into the frog pond. It was all going so well: the fit was nice, the yarn was nice, the color was nice. All until those pesky sleeves. For future knitters of top down raglans I have a warning for you: it is not a good idea to knit the sleeves and graft them onto the sweater. Do not attempt this. I feel that I am a decently capable knitter. I have gotten myself out of snags before. This one was heinous. One side I finally beat into submission. The Captain made me take a break before I frogged the entire thing. The other side was grafted a wee bit too tightly, and I am afraid that this side will be the sweater's downfall. I am afraid that it will bug me to no end and a large ripping party will come to pass. I will attempt to wear the offending garment tomorrow. If it makes it through the day unscathed, I will keep it. If not... rip it... rip it...

It does look nice sitting on the table though.


Merry Gentlemen said...

May we see a mug shot of the offender?

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