20 February 2008

Melting Pot

I was about to update my blog (apparently I have a loyal reader in San Antonio that I have been neglecting) when the Captain said- put on your new shoes and your coat. I looked at him quizzically and said- "why?"- to which he replied: "because we have reservations at the melting pot". Yeah!!! I have never been there, but my sister claims that it is awesome. Whoo-hoo.

Valentines day was fun- I got two valentines from my cute cousins and one from my best friend. I also surprised the Captain with a box of chocolates at 7am. (what? he stirred in his sleep and I decided that he was awake enough- I couldn't hide them any longer, I was too excited.)

Tony has been growing and having a blast. If this video works, then you can see him in action! I think he is trying to wrestle his skein of yarn into submission. Too cute. (Ok the video is too big- we will try again later).

And finally, the knitting. This new project is not knitting, but crochet. It is the babette blanket and I love it. I have quite a bit more to go, and I may have to order more yarn, but it is really colorful.


bint alshamsa said...

My boyfriend of several years told me about The Melting Pot and said he wanted to take me. We had a lovely time feeding each other les petits morceaux in the secluded corner of the restaurant. Afterwards, he took me for a moonlit walk down by the Mississippi River where we sat down to watch the water slowly move the giant ships down to the gulf. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him that night. We've been together for seven years now and I'll never forget that night.

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