27 September 2007

Le Slouch

The Le Slouch hat is almost finished. I have only one more inch of seed stitch to go before I start decreasing (i.e., I am a bit farther along than the picture indicates). This is my first skein of Malabrigo chunky. After much debate/swatching/investigation I have determined that this is definately chunky yarn. I know, I know, the 4 stitches per inch should have been the most obvious tip off, but I am a scientist, I like to be thorough. The yarn is super soft and squishy-perfect for a slouchy beret. My other projects have been put on the back burner because of beret obsession, but hopefully that will subside tomorrow and I can get back to the Captain hoodie.


Mandy said...

I like the book backdrop for your picture, that is a nice bookshelf. also really like the color of the yarn. As for knitting with gloves, I can do it (I know this because I've done this in my car on lunch break in the winter) but it is still more awkward than the tape. Actually my finger is more of an excuse for my feeling too lazy to knit than anything, because I didn't have too much trouble Monday night.

La Petite Tricoteuse said...

Thanks- the Captain made the bookshelf with his own two hands :-)

Nad said...

Great pic! See you tonight!

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