17 July 2007

Spring Shawl

As you can see, the diagonal rib sock had a very difficult evening. It was very naughty. It stole 2 grams from its twin and therefore had to be frogged and washed out with soap. I still maintain that the diagonal rib is a beautiful pattern, but will it work with this yarn?

I got the pattern for the Spring Shawl in the mail. Really nicely written and I got a yarn sample card to boot. I ordered some cashmere/merino/viscose yarn today as well as some addi turbo lace needles. I can't wait to get the yarn in the mail and start on it!

In other non-knitting news, last weekend was the pitchfork music festival here in Chicago. Two days of concerts and surprisingly good food. We got to see the New Pornographers, Of Montreal, and De la Soul, among others. Hopefully we can go again next year, it was definately worth it.


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