22 April 2008

Belated photo

It has been quite a while since I finished the tree jacket. I have worn it so many times it has even been washed already. (Don't mind the streaky mirror, it is clean mom- just streaky.) The pattern was from the Zephyr girls and I used 3.5 skeins of Dream in Color yarn and my Plymouth Bamboo sisters needles in size US 7. I really like this project and the yarn. I do however recommend that you take care with the garter stitch sleeves. I had put the yarn in the dryer for a bit while blocking the first time. I did not do this the second time and ended up with sleeves that were a bit too long (garter is stretchy). One pass through the drier fixes it, so no worries.

I also spent the day with my cousin Courtney's Flat Stanley. He came to the beamline with me and helped me load samples. Tomorrow we are going to go to our garden plot and till a bit. We also need to spread compost so that the ground is prepped for the planting season. Most of our seedlings are doing well at home and they can't wait to be in the ground. Well, at least that is what I think they are thinking- they won't talk to me.

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